Attachment and why it is so important to children and society.

What is ATTACHMENT? Why does it matter? What can we do to enhance secure attachment in our society? This inaugural episode of the series When We Are Very Young looks at attachment and its relationship to the well-being of not only individuals but also society at large.

Attachment and Society Part 1 Transcript in PDF


Links and Reading


Kim Golding: Nurturing Attachments. This book had one of the best descriptions of Attachment Styles.

Maia Szalavitz and Dr. Bruce Perry: Born for Love. PLEASE read! This book really helps to understand the importance of attachment in human society.

Dr. John Bowlby. This is the seminal work of the field. There are three volumes: Attachment, Separation and Loss. This is where the field really started, they were written starting in 1956. For the real keeners.

Dr. Dan Siegel: The Neurobiology of We.